Imagine the Possibilities

This website documents an innovative collaboration between educators at the Roberts Elementary School, the Media Education Lab at Temple University, and educators in the Middle East. We hope that our university-community collaboration can build mutual understanding -- and we hope promote a better understanding of the Arab world by focusing on the development of critical thinking and communication skills, with a special focus on exploration of mass media, technology, popular culture and society. 


Projects and Activities


See our evolving action plan.  And here's a list of our "to dos" for Spring 2009. Roberts Elementary teachers should add to the bulleted list with some of theactivities they are developing here, too.


Reflections on our Learning

Click on the "Reflections" link to see what Renee and the team are reflecting on as we observe and participate in this collaboration. 


Read our research notes about our observations of classroom learning.


Each stakeholder has goals-- for students and for ourselves. There is a need for Arabic translations of key media literacy texts.  Let's reflect on our experiences and brainstorm some possible goals here.


Build on the Shoulders of Giants

Some educators have been exploring cross-cultural approaches with media and technology.  Let's share the cool ideas we find online here.


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