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Lessons and Activities Overview

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We started with a pre-test, using the images of the Middle East from the Project Look Sharp curriculum. 


Grade 3 students worked individually with a series of images to determine: is this a picture from the Middle East? Why or why not?


Children in the Grade 3 gifted program worked to create a slide presentation on countries in the Middle East, including Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and more. 


Children in the Grade 4 gifted program reviewed some stereotypes of the Middle East and used a research process to determine if the stereotypes were true or false for a particular Middle Eastern country. They shared their presentation on cultural stereotypes with all Grade 3 students.


Students in Grade 3 then began a process of using online and print resources to learn about Iraq. They completed an online webquest activity.  They gathered information about countries in the Middle East and teachers read books to children (PLACE BOOK TITLES AND AUTHORS HERE)


They studied the trailer for the film, Santa Claus in Baghdad, and used inference-making to form predictions about the story. After watching the film, they demonstrated their comprehension of the film's main idea, the characters and the depictions of cultural values about school, learning, books, family and generosity.





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